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In an exciting collaboration, The Valerie Carter estate and The Faragher Bros have joined forces to bring a retro soul single to life, captivating music enthusiasts around the world. This special release is a recreation of their classic hit "Never Get Your Love Behind Me" with a remarkable twist: the inclusion of Valerie Carter's original vocal from 1977 intended for her Columbia Records album, "Wild Child."
"Never Get Your Love Behind Me" resounds as a soulful masterpiece reflecting the essence of the era with newly recorded tracks by Tommy Faragher, and the incomparable vocals of Valerie Carter and Jimmy Faragher. 
As an added bonus, the B Side of this single surprises fans with a new recording of James Brown's "What My Baby Needs Now", utilizing Valerie's vocals from a mesmerizing live performance in 1976. The result is a spirited rendition that captures the soulful energy of both Valerie and Jimmy in every note they sing. 
Through this project, Valerie Carter is celebrated.  Her soul-stirring voice is given  new life, ensuring that her legacy continues to live on.

Valerie Carter and the Faragher Bros 7" Vinyl

Expected to ship by the end of April 2024
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